Favorite ways to tie a scarf

I love learning new ways to tie a scarf. Scarves are just so versatile. You can change up an outfit in minutes, go from office to evening, just by pulling out a scarf and tying it up in a new way. Here are some of my favorite scarf tying videos; from a kitschy 1988 version, to highly creative, all are worth a look for getting some new ideas. Happy tying!

The above video from Wendy’s Lookbook, entitled “25 Ways to Wear a Scarf in 4.5 Minutes!”, might be one of my favorites, and certainly the most creative.

Here are a few more scarf techniques worth watching:

How to tie a scarf from Eileen Fisher.

This one can only be watched while wearing shoulder pads, but it’s still quite informative and very entertaining.
Be warned, it’s sixteen minutes long. The Art of Scarf Styling – How to Style a Scarf – 25 Easy Ways – 1988

best scarves for summer

In my book, the best accessory for summer vacation time is a brightly colored scarf. Light weight silk, cotton, and rayon are all great choices. Scarves are easy to pack, take up zero room in your suitcase, and a collection of several colors can transform any outfit in a matter of minutes. Check out my summer collection of shibori scarf variations, from large crinkled silk habitai to rayon fringed wraps…

A few shibori techniques

Here is a photo showing a few of the different shibori techniques I use for my scarves.
The first image is a pole wrapping method. The second is called itajime, where specially shaped wooden blocks are clamped onto the silk. The third is a different pole wrapping technique called arashi, where tightly wrapped string is used to resist the dye.

it’s almost blueberry time

I had the joy to visit South Haven, Michigan two years ago, for the annual “international” blueberry festival. What fun and how delicious to find Blueberries as far as the eye could see. The images are from a trip to my local blueberry farm (Blue Pearl), I’m already anticipating the glorious ripening of this years batch. I dyed this rayon blueberry scarf in honor of my favorite fruit.